Friday, 21 September 2012

The Miracle of Life!

I was so privileged to photograph little Rafferty, a true miracle of life. He was born at just 26 weeks and spent the first few months fighting every day to stay alive. Amazingly, he has overcome all obstacles that life has thus far thrown at him and at a healthy 10 months old (or 7 months in real time!), he is an absolute treasure!
His first photo shoot was a little overwhelming and I think he was rather confused as to what was going on but he settled in like a champ! Again, another tough customer when it came to getting some smiles out of him but again so rewarding when you did get one!

Rafi was joined by his Mom, Granddad and Gran - a lucky little boy, a born this space world as here comes Rafferty!

Angela Barnes Photography  "Capturing the Essence of Life!"

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