Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I do...!

Jonathan and Sarah could not have asked for a more perfect winter's day for a combined Wedding and Christening. Their ceremony took place at Holy Trinity Church on Twickenham Green, followed by a reception at Twickenham Rugby Stadium. Little Ella, their daughter, was not only Christened but also stole everyone's hearts as she walked down the aisle as mini bridesmaid!
Sarah (and Jon) braved minus 3 degrees, ice and a few snowy patches as we took some photos in a nearby park on the river. Thank goodness for big furry boots under a wedding dress and a few hand warmers!
Congratulations Mr & Mrs Bonnett - may each and every day in the future be as special as your wedding day.

Angela Barnes Photography   "Capturing the Essence of Life!"

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Seth - 6 months old and cute!

Cute alert! Cute alert!
Seth is going to woo the ladies when he is older (much, much older if his parents have any say in it!). Big blue eyes and a contageous giggle, Seth was a dream baby to photograph. There were definitely some instances during his shoot where I could not hold the camera still because I was laughing at Seth laughing! He was such a great sport and so photogenic. Here are some of his photos.

Angela Barnes Photography  "Capturing the Essence of Life!"

Good things come to those who wait!

The title of this blog could not be more true for Adam and Juliet. Long awaited Ruby Summer made her appearance into this world and had her debut photo shoot at just 2 weeks old (well that is if you discount the one she had when she was "the bump"!). It is so lovely to meet the baby from the bump especially when she is as gorgeous as little Ruby!
Ruby was a natural! She seemed to love the lights and the whole photo shoot experience. Well done sweet girl!

Angela Barnes Photography   "Capturing the Essence of Life!"

Friday, 3 February 2012

Newborn Nicholas!

Well, with these big blue eyes, Nicholas is going to break a few heart in his lifetime! He was such a gorgeous baby to photograph - a willing model as long as he had some food to keep him going! Here are some photos from his session.

Angela Barnes Photography   " Capturing the Essence of Life!"