Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Clive & Louise's Tower of London Wedding!

It is not often one gets to photograph at an historic place, let alone one as iconic as the Tower of London! It was a great privilege and indeed an honour to photograph Clive and Louise's wedding here on the weekend.
The British summer weather was not 100% perfect (blowing a gale actually!) but it was at least dry and Louise and her Dad could do the full route around White Tower to the Chapel during the Guard of Honour. The Guard of honour is where 4 guards (Beefeaters) who are dressed in their full state regalia, escourt the Bride and her father to the Chapel  - a beautiful tradition to have witnessed.
The ceremony was a beautiful one which incorporated Clive and Louise's daughters Christening too.
Their reception was held at the Yeoman Warders Club on the premises during which the couple and I managed to escape and get some photos. Considering Louise lost her veil a few times in the wind and Clive had to catch her from blowing away on occasion, I think that the happiness they shared on their special day shone through!
Congratulations Clive and Louise! May your future together be filled with love and laughter! xx

Angela Barnes Photography   "Capturing the Essence of Life!"

Friday, 15 June 2012

Laughter, laughter, smiles...!

Smiles and laughs galore, that was the nature of this shoot with little 5 and a half month old Milly. She was such a happy baby and a real natural in front of the camera too! It is always a pleasure to photograph happy children - I end up with sore cheeks at the end of it from smiling back at them! As I say to all my clients, what happens behind the camera during a shoot is strictly confidential!! I am so glad I cannot see myself clowning about!
Alex & Helen, it was lovely to meet you and photograph your gorgeous little girl. Here are some photos from the shoot...

Angela Barnes Photography   "Capturing the Essence of Life!"

Thursday, 14 June 2012


I think Mr Rufus was one of the most challenging subjects I have had for a long time! He was way too savvy for the peek-a-boo, clap your hands and smile routine that so often works with toddlers! He definitely prefered looking at the photos rather than being in them!! The other challenge was including Coco, the dog, in the photos - when Rufus was cooperating, Coco wasn't and vice versa! They say never work with children and animals....oh well, I like a challenge!
One of my favourite photos from his shoot was one where Rufus was pretending to take a photo of me taking the photo! We had a fun shoot even though Rufus (and Coco) made us (Rufus' mom and I) work for all the smiles!  He is nonetheless at a really adorable age and full of his own character.
Here are some of the photos from Rufus' shoot...

Angela Barnes Photography   "Capturing the Essence of Life!"

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Expecting Baby!

I had the pleasure of photographing this special time in Claire & Ben's lives last week. It was such a lovely shoot with a very special couple. I love meeting new people who are relaxed and open to fun, new ideas as Ben and Claire were. And, with the added common bond of pregnancy, Claire and I spend much of the time gossiping about babies and pregnancy!!
So, we look forward to welcoming and hopefully meeting this little boy when he makes his entrance into the world in about 6 weeks time!
Here are some photos from their shoot.

Angela Barnes Photography   "Capturing the Essence of Life!"

Thursday, 7 June 2012

A Jubilee Weekend Sweetheart!

Aside from it being the Queen's Diamond Jubilee weekend, I had the pleasure of photographing gorgeous little Lily - not royalty but a little princess in her own right!! Sadly the weather did not permit us doing their shoot outdoors but we made the most of it! Little Lily was such a sweetheart and seemed to love her photo shoot.
Thank you Rachael & Ben - I loved photographing you and your little daughter! Here are some of my favourite images from your shoot.

Angela Barnes Photography   "Capturing the Essence of Life!"