Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Expecting Baby!

I had the pleasure of doing Robyn and Mike's bump shoot with just 2 weeks to go to their D day (can you believe it?). I always love these maternity shoots (not just because I am expecting) but because they mark such a moment in time that is filled with excitement and anticipation. I love seeing the couples together as they think about the day they will meet their new arrival. Robyn and Mike were such a relaxed and fun-loving couple to photograph - I just had to catch them unawares if I wanted to get a more serious and thoughful look!!

Here are a few photos from their shoot.

Angela Barnes Photography   "Capturing the Essence of Life!"

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Sophia - model in the making!

I have never photographed a child so enthusiastic and willing to have their photos taken! Sophia was a natural model. She was so attentive, listened to what you wanted her to do and performed in front of the camera. Things became a little tricky when Sophia had to share the limelight with her parents for a family shot but we soon realised we had to be quick! She had endless energy and seemed to absolutely love her first photo shoot. I wonder whether Kate Moss was like this at the tender age of 16 months...there may be a very bright modelling future for little Sophia!

Here are some delightful photos from her session.

Angela Barnes Photography   "Capturing the Essence of Life!"

Paige turns 2!

Time truely does fly! I first photographed paige when she was a few days old and now had the pleasure of photographing her on her 2nd birthday!
We had a great shoot - she is such an independent and fun-filled little girl. When the studio got a little tiresome, we were lucky enough to get out and about in the sunshine to get a few more candid photos of Paige, well, just being Paige!
Congratulations Paige, I hope the year ahead is as special as you are!

Angela Barnes Photography   " Capturing the Essence of Life!"